What are the 6 Basics of Skincare: A Comprehensive Guide

what are the 6 basics of skincare

The primary goal of this piece is to learn what are the 6 basics of skincare. These ideas focus on stacking skincare products, and I believe it is critical to understand when to use your products because some will not work properly if applied out of order. 

 For example, applying serum after washing your face and then applying moisturizer will prevent the serum from fully reaching your skin. Because the moisturizer is far too thick for a serum to penetrate, some people have tried using the right serums and moisturizers in conjunction with other skincare products, but it doesn’t work, and they’re not sure why. One probable explanation is that you’re using them in the wrong order, so let’s begin with the cleansers.

What are the 6 basics of skincare?


The first step, as is always the case with acne-prone skin, is to utilize a double cleansing method, which essentially entails using an oil-based cleanser in addition to a gel-based cleanser. I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and provide you with a few examples and options when it comes to an oil-based cleanser, so now I have to tell you about oil cleansers and how to remove makeup and any excess skin care products you may have from the previous night, all of which are not excellent for your skin. 

In other words, apply this to your skin, rinse it off, and you’ll notice that your face becomes incredibly oily and glossy right away. This is just what you need. You should have the appearance of a glazed donut; if not, apply more. Rub this into your skin because you will be rinsing it off. I also want to let you know that, although I don’t personally suffer from acne, I do occasionally get blemishes from allergies that can cause hyperpigmentation. The summertime is not kind to my skin. 

However, that is when all of my allergies appear. They begin as little rashes on my skin and gradually grow into pigmentation. That is why I frequently use this blemish-control gel-based cleanser. If you have a variety of cleansers for a combination of oily and dry skin, as well as acne-prone skin, they genuinely perform a wonderful job of cleansing for all regions, which is why I recommend them for their ranges to bring out the beauty of your skin. If this is your first time and you don’t want to double cleanse, you must use one of these products to achieve pleasant, smooth, flawlessly fine skin. 

It doesn’t matter; you simply need to figure out what works for your skin. In my opinion, you need to twice because sometimes your makeup products and sunscreen are thick. If this is the case for you, rinse your face again and proceed directly to step two. This time, you don’t need to dry your skin; you can simply turn on a fan to let it air dry. Your skin will dry extremely quickly and look nice, so just keep trying this method to have gorgeous, smooth skin. 


As previously said, this has a consistency or degree of thickness comparable to water. Therefore, we have three various types of toners here, each of which is intended for a different purpose. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation (darkness all over), you should get a glycolic acid toner; this will help with your hyperpigmentation issues. On the other hand, if you have bumpy or uneven skin, you should be aware that this is what leads to white hair. 

The majority of people are currently utilizing a cream called Zero Toner, and they are enjoying it because they do have problems with white hair. 

The area around their nose is particularly affected. If you are no longer experiencing pigmentation issues, you do not need to use this toner as often—only when necessary. Instead, apply it under your arms and on your knees. In terms of skin texture, use this toner first. Next, apply a small amount—three to four drops—to your palms and pat it on your skin to give you a grazing complexion. 


Serums are an essential skincare product; they are essentially concentrated products applied to the skin for specific skincare concerns. For instance, if you have dry skin, you can use a hyaluronic acid serum, which will essentially add moisture to your skin; however, if you have white or black hair, you should use a nice cinnamide serum, which targets all those issues. 

I think that when you do experience breakouts, you should use this serum, also known as terrible zero serum, if you battle with acne-prone skin. Butylated hydroxyanisole serum is preferred in this situation which is a Korean skincare brand and also helps the skin. If you haven’t used it before, give it a try; it works wonders for acne. However, people usually use it for skin texture. To achieve this, apply your toner to your skin and wait ten (10) minutes for it to absorb. Then, apply a small amount of this serum to your skin—just a few drops will do—to create smooth, glossy skin. 

If you use six or fewer minutes, they’ll probably just mix and not go into the layers of your skin the way you wanted them to. Therefore, you need to give this time to sit into your skin, which is why you need to use ten minutes. 

It is necessary to allow a small amount of space between products when applying them. Applying a product directly after using another will not allow the other to absorb into the skin well or nicely. Instead, wait a short while for the product to finish absorbing and dry onto your skin. This will leave your skin looking gorgeous and give you a healthy glow. 

Eye cream. 

Now that you’ve used your toner and serums, you need to use this caffeine eye cream from the Inky Itemize. I did use it, though, as it’s a kind of hydrating botanics eye cream from Britannics. However, we also have other types of eye creams; similarly to serums and toners, you can compare different products to find the one that will work better for you or be your preferred option. 

Hence, try the one that is much gentler than the other on your skin, so you should choose that one. You just need to figure out what works best for your skin. Once you’ve made your decision, apply it under your eyes and gently massage it into your skin. While I go into my next step, you just need to be very gentle when applying your eye cream under your eyes because that is a very delicate area. If you rub it too vigorously, it can make your under-eye look much harsher, which is something I have done in the past.


I must inform you that we have a variety of moisturizers that are used for various seasons, times of day, and skin care concerns; however, it all depends on what your skin needs at any given time, if that makes sense. For example, if your skin is extremely dry, you should avoid using a gel-based moisturizer and instead opt for something a little bit heavier. 

Basically, in the summer, when your skin is dry and chapped, you should use a gel-based cleanser like Neutrogena Hydro Boost because it is so lightweight. However, in the winter, when your skin is dehydrated and requires a little extra moisture, you should use CeraVe hydrating cream.

I tried it and I’m loving it right now. My complexion is smooth as well as younger looking compared to the past, thus I encourage you also to use it. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation during the winter and need to use Korean skincare products, you should use CeraVe hydrating cream because it contains urea, which makes it extremely hydrating. 

You’ll get dark spots in one place that will eventually spread without you knowing what is causing it, so you’ll need to take action. The cream works as a dark spot cream and can be used both day and night, but you should use the shade that best matches your skin tone. 


This is crucial; choosing the right sunscreen requires trial and error because some are extremely harsh on darker skin tones. If you choose a sunscreen that doesn’t match your tone, you’ll find it difficult to blend in with your skin tone and appear uncomfortable in the sun. Those who have used sunscreen before will understand what I mean. 

As of now, I’ve only tried two that will blend in well with your skin and give you a lovely glow. The first is known as Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, and the second is known as La Rouge per se sunscreen. If you’re comparing the two, I think the first one is better, but this sunscreen is still fine if you don’t mind a little scent on your skin, I suggest the La Rouge per se sunscreen for sensitive skin types. It doesn’t contain fragrance and has a much higher UV (ultraviolet) factor than the first sunscreen, which has an SPF of 50g compared to the second sunscreen’s SPF of 30g. It also has a very watery consistency that helps it blend into the skin so nicely. 

These sunscreens are the best you’ll love, and I highly recommend them to those with darker skin tones. It’s worked incredibly well for me and gives my skin a nice glow, which I like. It’s also not overly oily and leaves my skin looking smooth, light, and shiny.


This is my technique of educating you on the process of layering skincare products, as shown in the article, which describes the basic phases for boosting your skin’s glow. This is also how I organize my skincare routine and apply it effectively to my skin to achieve better outcomes.

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