Exploring the Different Styles of Ankara for Men

The term Ankara means a native-designed wear, created by Africans or Nigerian fabric brands, made from cotton.

Ankara designs can vary from jackets, shoes, dresses, hats, pants, etc. Since the 18th century, Ankara styles have been in the fashion world achieving huge popularity in Nigeria and Africa for decades now.

At first, Ankara fabrics were mainly accepted under women’s styling, however, in recent years the fabric is now worn by men as well.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the best Ankara fabrics from experienced designers, fashion models, and public figures that rock Ankara fabric full-time.

Recent results have shown that 90 percent of people living in Africa particularly West Africa love wearing Ankara, making it one of the most patronized business starts. Other fabrics to wear include linen men’s shirt.

Five(5) Renowned Ankara Fabrics for Men

A recent podcast with a popular fashion celebrity has given us a clue to put together some unique and fashionable Ankara fabrics for men to style with despite the occasion they may want to attend.

5. Ankara Pants and Jackets

Pairing a classical pant with an Ankara jacket will give a versatile look which can be a good starting point.

This style of dressing goes perfectly with various types of outfits such as simple to formal dresses code.

Choose a body-fitted jacket made from Ankara prints like abstract swirls to pair with neutral-colored pants such as black or dark blue or an Ankara pant made from that same material.

4. Ankara Shirts

Another great way of looking good is by wearing an Ankara shirt with a black pant such as chinos, khaki, and beige.

For you to remain current, go for creative cuts such as easy embroidery patterns. This culturally blended fashion and styling can be worn when going to work, at friends’ get-togethers, and at weekend parties.

3. Ankara Accessories

As we all know big things come out of smaller ideas. The system of accessorizing Ankara clothes can be an upgraded manner of giving your fabric an attractive design.

Further from the accepted bow ties, accessorizing a dress with cufflinks, hats, and belts can improve your dressing level.

With these versatile pieces, there is liberty for you to dress with Ankara in different styles and outfits, leaving the door open for polished creativity.

2. Ankara Kimono

Another versatile fabric is the kimono fashion of Ankara which is largely used in covering and exposing your attractive foreign look.

The Ankara called kimono has been the most trending style for years now. If you’re looking for a weekend party dress, wear a kimono with a plain white or black T-shirt with navy blue chinos.

When going for cultural meetings or mix parties, pair a Kimono with a polo shirt and dark jeans.

1. Ankara Suits

Considering the outfit to be a two or three-piece design, the summary of the Ankara suit is the classic and bossy appearance it introduces in men.

In our modern world, people are investing in Ankara designs of different colors such as deep blues, light greens, and navy blue to create classical designs.

A faultless tailored Ankara suit can be worn to a wedding ceremony, Church congregation, business meetings, or any formal gathering.

Ways for Styling Ankara in your Cupboard

Here is a vital recommendation for men who are newbies into styling with Ankara fabrics that will give them a stunning look.

  1. Go With Simple Designs: Simple shirts or pants could be an excellent and comfortable Ankara to start with, as they make good pairs or combinations for birthdays, honeymoons, bachelorette parties, and anniversary occasions.
  2. Avoid Too Much Pattern Drawing on Your Ankara: Choose a fabric that has little but fine-drawn patterns because this helps you look more smart and presentable for work.
  3. Wear Fair Colors: The tones of your Ankara design should be adaptable as well as made with a good finishing approach.
  4. Select the Style With Swag: Make sure to choose a dress that fits your shape and fashion knowledge.
  5. Peer or Mixture of Ankara: Incorporate Ankara slices along plain fabric materials to give you a unique outfit.

Types of Ankara Style

In every West African or Nigerian market, Ankara dresses or fabrics are always available for you to choose from.

There are various Ankara printed patterns ranging from colorful to elegant and dynamic prints. Let’s dive into the types of Ankara fabrics available in markets.

1. Dutch Ankara

Vlisco Holland is a brand in Nigeria that manufactures Super-Wax and Hollandais-Wax which is produced with high quality, making it the most valuable and cultural attire.

2. Da Viva

One of the recently renowned Ankara fabric producers in Nigeria today is Da Viva. Nonetheless, Da Viva fabrics are manufactured in different printed designs such as Expression, tradition, history, and Paradiso.

3. ABC English Wax

This fabrication company has been into designing and printing of Ankara in Ghana. The ABC English Wax is a product of Akosombo Textiles Ltd, it covers a broad production of colorful designs.

4. Uniwax

The Uniwax is also referred to as the Côte d’Ivoire Wax. Mostly, this fabric is unique for its cultural and traditional history in the West African region.

It signifies the character of West African stylishness as well as promotes the African culture to the world.


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