12 Nigerian Lace Designs for Women

As the fashion industry is revolving, we want to take a look at the latest Nigerian lace styles and designs that can make you appear extraordinary and beautiful while you are wearing Nigerian attire.

Whether you are a Nigerian or not, exploring the latest Nigerian lace styles and designs is an option to consider as you may have the intention to learn about African fashion.

The fashion creativity of lace styles and designs is a testimony to the strong African culture and heritage launched into the fashion industry to manufacture attractive lace fabrics.

Keep reading this article for a more in-depth understanding of lace styles and designs.

Here are the latest Nigerian lace styles and designs to rock for all occasions

Nigerian fashion designers of lace are always repolishing old lace styles and masterminding new designs.

Consequently, the designs are adjustable to match both skinny and big body size people as well as shapes, skin color, and distinct fashion desires.

1. Symmetrical body lace styles

The symmetrical body lace style has been a recognized fashion trend for a long period now. Nearly all the dresses have a split back open from the knee level down to the feet for free movement. Hence, all fashion designers should be aware that non-elastic material must split open.

2. Sea-maids body lace styles

All Sea-maids body lace styles represent a princess look, where the hems are designed to sweep the floor just like that of a queen dress as well. However, it would be advisable not to wear this unique style of dress to an overcrowded gathering.

3. Lace design accompanied by straps

These styles of dresses are good for sunny weather and simple occasions that are just for fun. You can also ask your designer to restructure your sleeves into straps when going for a meeting in hot weather.

Similarly, adding any light jacket which is not black colored will review the beauty of the dress and the coat can be removed anytime.

4. Lace style with Ankara mix

Stitching Ankara styles mixed with lace can be a diverse fashionable blend. Nigerians are mostly recognized for wearing Ankara designs when going for a decent occasion.

Your dressmaker can sew an Ankara dress for you combining with lace for making the sleeves.

5. Lace with fall-behind styles

Lace design with fall-behind styles is just appealing. The fallback cloth is removable and secured about the shoulders or waist. Nevertheless, other women like it to be fixed below the buttocks but a bit higher than the knees.

6. Lace design with one side trails

A fashionable woman who chooses to go with a lace design where the trails are attached on the side has a different fashion sense. Dissimilar to trails fixed from behind, you may lift the side trails up with your palms while moving down or up the staircase.

7. Lace design plus mini wear

Ladies can dress with a lace design plus mini-wear to flaunt their legs in style but still look decent. The short skirt underwear reveals your thighs as well, yet the semi-transparent lace stops folks from noticing your natural skin.

8. High waist and side split lace style

The high waist and side split lace style is the most stunning and trending lace design in Nigeria.

The rise in side split lace in Nigeria began in the 1910s and today it has gained more recognition from across Africa and some parts of Europe. Designers have now modernized the sewing pattern to both above-floor and knee-length.

9. Long gown lace design

The long gown lace design is commonly worn to decent gatherings like church fellowship, traditional marriages, etc and it also looks good when worn by married women. Mostly, Nigerian mothers love sewing this design because it makes them appear corporate and responsible.

10. Short gown style lace

Wearing a Short gown lace design relies upon your age, individual preference, type of event as well as other components put together. Recently, most Short Garn lace designs have been filled with batting from the waist to the knees to avoid pulling while walking.

11. Short Ankara gown with mixed lace sleeves

In our modern world, women love wearing short clothes to look attractive and men also fall for it when a woman appears hot and charming. However, ignore people’s opinions about your dressing style and focus on feeling good with your short Ankara gown. The lace sleeves are added at two arms for an elegant and stylish appearance.

12. Queen gown lace design

The masterpiece queen gown lace design is one of its kind, causing a series of questions concerning its styling pattern.

The queen gown is designed to close at the waist level and then freely spread from the but to the floor, which exposes the shape and beauty of the lady wearing it. Wearing this gown gives you a royal kind of feeling and confidence.

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