Top nine (9) Beauty Pageant Tips for Interviews: The Ultimate Beginners Guide.

beauty pageant tips

Contesting for beauty pageants involves complexity amongst talents, the process comprises eye-catching attires and charming displays of performance. All the contestants are fully prepared to showcase their styles and design. Another aspect of beauty pageants is that they can be an awesome way of meeting new friends, having a good time, and displaying your talent. Interviews are also part of the competition however, in this article, we’ve provided you the beauty pageant tips you need to know.

Top nine (9) beauty pageant tips that will help you succeed at your next interviews.

Whether it’s for a beauty pageant or a professional job interview, keep reading these nine (9) tips that will help you knock out the show.

1. Get your paperwork in tip-top shape.

What I mean is that you should make a good impression while submitting your data via PDF, email, or fax, whichever method you choose. This piece of paper is your initial impression, therefore make sure the grammar is proper. Get it proofread by a professional or a neighboring English teacher. It doesn’t matter if you have another set of eyes on it; all that counts is that you reach the top.

When typing, there are many errors, and the next day you read what you’ve written and the grammar isn’t quite right; make sure it’s polished and distinctive. Another thing to bear in mind when writing your resume is to take all of the requirements seriously. I have a friend who runs the Miss United States Global Pageant, and one of the reasons she does not accept online applications is that with paper applications, she can see how well her applicants follow instructions, so it’s also a bit of a test to ensure that you’re following the specifications and formatting correctly.

2. Be informed.

You must be aware of what is going on in the world of beauty pageants; if you are unaware of the competition, you cannot expect someone to consider you as a competitor. Lilley, for example, preferred to study current affairs about beauty pageants, and she failed her contest interview. If you did not grow up in a family that was familiar with beauty pageants, that is fine; simply begin reading as much beauty pageant-related journalism as possible or join beauty pageant forums.

3. have an opinion

As a young woman on stage, you are not expected to fix the world’s problems, but you are supposed to have a belief system and the ability to explain it to others, which is quite essential. Just have an opinion, regardless of how insane it is, and be confident in it. Also, if you’re a young person, take advantage of this opportunity to shape your mindset because younger individuals are more adaptable after experiencing life failure; however, as you get older, you’re likely to become more set in your ways. 

During the Miss America pageant, judges may ask follow-up questions to challenge your opinion. It’s important to maintain your conviction and not be afraid to share your opinion. Judges are not supposed to judge you based on your opinion, but rather on how strongly you believe in it. 

4. Know the pageant.

This applies to any job interview or beauty contest; for example, if I were seeking to be a server at a restaurant, I would definitely know the name of the restaurant, its history, the neighbourhood, the clientele, and some of the menu items. This is similar to pageant interviews: know who the pageant directors are, understand the history of the pageant, and where the title holders make their appearances. Having all of this information only makes you appear much more prepared when doing your research; also, you should know the scoring breakdown. 

Knowing the scoring breakdown is important because it will help you plan your preparation. Most reputable systems and pageant organisations will have their scoring posted publicly, so go find it and see if your strengths align with scoring that complements your skill set. If so, you will have less preparation to do and are more likely to be a good fit for what they are looking for. 

5. Know yourself.

I know this is a big deal for someone who’s maybe a teenager; you’re just trying to figure out who you are, but generally, when you’re in a pageant, you should know your brand, you should know yourself, and you should know where you’re rowing towards, what your goals are, what your general beliefs are, and what your values are. Those are all things that you should really start placing together and understanding at a core level before judges start asking you questions; they are going to rile you up a little bit if you’re not used to being interviewed. It can be a very scary experience, so the tip here is,  You really know what you stand for, know what you want, know why you’re there, and know why you want that title. The top question that’s always asked is: Why should we choose you? Why are you the best person? You should have some answers to that question, and that starts with knowing yourself and knowing your alignment and why you’re there in that interview room. 

6. Look at the part.

When you look good, you feel good, and feeling good is what will help you do your best in an interview. We will cover all of the hair makeup and nail extension styling in another article, but for all intents and purposes, given that this is a pageant interview, you just want to make sure that you look your best because how you look affects you mentally, and when you feel good about yourself, you will perform better. 

7. Practice.

We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, and it’s true. This is where I believe pageant coaches come in, because they simply provide their participants with a location and time to practice. They’re similar to gym trainers in that they show up and ensure that the client shows up and puts in the effort, so if you don’t have a coach, rent a studio, practice your walk, send videos to people who have ideas about pageant contests to help you with their perspectives, or volunteer with the organisation. 

Just take the time to understand how it feels to go through the motions. Mock interviews are not difficult to conduct; get some friends and family to sit with you, ask you questions, video yourself, and then watch the film through a recording because it may be uncomfortable, but you will notice aspects about the way you speak that may help you better.

8. Run your own race.

What this means is that you are the best version of yourself and the only you that exists in this world in this dimension; all you can work on is being a better person than you were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself to pageant Patti Smith, who is amazing, probably has a great voice, and is really cute because you have those qualities that are unique; you may not be as seasoned as she is, but you have your own unique cocktail of life experiences that make you the person you are and 

9. Consider a coach or an advisor.

This one is a little problematic in the Miss America system because coaching may be a little subtle, and many coaches are simply volunteers who are so seasoned and amazing that they don’t take a dime because they care so much about the organisation’s mission. 

I never had a professional pageant coach, but I did have a village of people—a village of supporters who lent me wardrobes,  taught me how to style my hair, and gave me a lot of this mentorship for free—and that’s why I wanted to write an article to help offer some coaching in a way that was going to be scalable and in a way that can help build your ability. But if you do have the resources for coaching, find someone who you think believes in you and someone who, preferably, might not be coaching other contestants in the same pageant; there’s an obvious conflict of interest there.  That being said, if you end up finding a coach who is also coaching some other contestants, that’s fine because coaches understand that each contestant is truly running her own race, and a coach can help a contestant become a better version of herself than she was before the coach entered the picture. 

In conclusion, these are my nine top beauty pageant tips for excelling at your next pageant interview. I hope they were helpful to you. If you enjoyed it, please share this content.

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